Bandon Music Fest 2010

No June bank holiday weekend would be complete without a trip to Bandon on the 239 to see some choons being belted out by various Irish bands on that stage up the top of the town. Last year we had Mick Flannery, Mundy and the Flaws, and this year’s festival saw FRED, Delorentos and Jack L take to the stage.

In previous years the festival has been free of charge, but this year it was a tenner for the 2 nights, or a fiver for the Sunday night only. Add to that the cost of transport, and we, being the cheapskates that we are, decided on the Sunday night only. That’s not to say I have any problem with paying a fiver to see two great bands. FRED and Delorentos played in the Opera House before and tickets were around the €25 mark, so a fiver is a bargain.

We had chips first of course, joined by a friendly Golden Retriever as we sat on the wall. I love sitting on a wall, eating chips from a paper bag, the sun shining. The only thing missing was the sea, but there’d be nothing special about eating Dino’s in Kinsale if there was a bitta sea water in Bandon too.

Re-creating last year's photos..

Our canine friend

FRED were up first. I was extremely excited to say the least, which led to quite a few people turning around and looking at me when I screamed. Even FRED’s bassist noticed.


And here’s a photo of me with the lovely Joe after their set. I had a huge chat with him, reminding him of the chat we had on Albert’s phone and when I did merch for them at a Coolaboola gig in the Pav. He probably thinks I’m a loon. Everyone who laid eyes on me probably did.

Joseph and myself..

Delorentos were up next.


And again..

It was a great gig. There was a fab atmosphere, and it was a nice, clear, dry night. Which I usually wouldn’t mention, but it’s sort of important for an outdoor gig. The place was pretty packed, which is really good to see. We even made some friends on the bus home, and I managed to stumble home along the country roads in the dark on my own.

That’s an achievement if ever I heard one.


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