‘Cause being a young curator is cool like..

I’ve have been ridiculously absent for the past two weeks or so. I have to say I’m pleased about that though, because it means I’ve been busy doing stuff instead of just whiling away time blogging. Not that that’s a bad thing either.

I think I mentioned before that I was applying for a Young Curators’ Programme with Cork Midsummer Festival. I did miss about 5 or 6 days of it because I was in Dublin, but I still got to see a hell of a lot of shows. Every evening we met in Civic Trust House to give our feedback on shows, meet with artists, and try and produce our book as a record of what we did.

Festival of the Senses!

I saw Corcadorca’s Plasticine, the Street Performance World Championships, the 2-Dimensional Life of Her, The Last Cargo Cult, Best Before, Invisible Atom, Echoa, Haircuts by Children, Buddy Buddy, Starman Fisher, FML, From Away, Wizard Rock and more that I just can’t think of.

We met many artists too: Rimini Protokoll, Mammalian Diving Reflex, Quarantine, THEATREclub, and the Marketing and PR staff from the festival.

We also attended an Arts Professionals’ Symposium in the Crawford on Saturday. The panel consisted of Willie White (Project Arts), Kate McGrath (Fuel), William Galinsky (Cork Midsummer), and Roise Goan (Dublin Fringe). The whole subject of the arts in Cork and the proposed National Theatre of Cork were discussed. A lot of interesting opinions were put forward and it was great to just be there. We had lunch in the bar in the Opera House, while talking to other people who were attending the symposium, networking, interviewing and all that. Diarmuid Gavin revealed his plans for next year’s festival too, which look fairly class..

And then we spent last night in the House typing, printing, photocopying, guillotining, separating, organising, collating and trying to create a book. I had to leave to get the 11.15pm bus, but a few of the others stayed on longer, trying to get it finished. Although now I hear it’s going to all be re-done..

I got my hair cut by two nine-year-olds on Saturday actually, courtesy of Mammalian Diving Reflex’s event. Just said I’d throw that in there to finish up.



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5 responses to “‘Cause being a young curator is cool like..

  1. you need to post a picture of this haircut 😀 glad you’ve been keeping so busy doing loads of fun stuff! 🙂

  2. Remember that time we were in that programme with the Midsummer Festival and met each other? God. Those were good times.

  3. I feel like crying when I think back and remember what fun times they were.. Y’never miss something ’til it’s gone..

  4. Girl, we’ve got to meet for coffee sometime! ^_^

  5. Definitely! And we still have to organise those awards.. I told Annie we’d have it sorted for that follow-up meeting 😛

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