#2 – Your crush

Hi there you,
Ha. Where do I even begin. I mean, why is it that I actually like you? You can be stupid and annoying and shit-stirring and dorky and obsessed with your number one priority.
But I overlook all that, or maybe I just find it endearing. All I know is that I like you. A lot. Maybe one day, you will be mine. Then again, maybe not.
Someone asks me what’s stopping me going after you? I think the two of us know what that obstacle is. Perhaps you’re glad that obstacle exists. I hate that obstacle, but given recent events in my life, that obstacle doesn’t appaear as big as it once was.
Still though, maybe that obstacle is why I’m so attracted to you? I mean, if that one obstacle wasn’t there, you’d probably be pretty attainable. And I’m really not into that.
As a friend, I like you alot too. It’s nice to just talk and spend time together. I’d love if we were better friends. Maybe if I got to know you better I’d realise I just want to be friends? That could be a good thing. You’re busy though, with stuff, so spending every waking hour together isn’t very realistic.
I do consider you a friend, I’m not sure if you feel the same way, but when I compare you to other people I’ve known longer, I realise that I see you more often, I talk to you more frequently, and we get on better. In some ways, we move in the same circles, We’re alike, yet completely different.
I think you could like me, in the future sometime. In that case, it kind of sucks that I’ve found you already, because I won’t feel like this for much longer I’d say. I think we’ve gotten to know each other a lot over the past year, and that makes me happy. Maybe we can just keep on track and be good friends?
I’d like that.
Niamh x

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