#3 – Your parents

Dear mother and father,
Ye’ve made mistakes. Everyone has. I don’t live in the centre of everything and I can be a bit cut-off. When I was younger, I was the good girl, and that’s probably down to you. Ye can be a bit annoying every so often but that’s to be expected. And a final mistake? Mum, you should have let me have a dog when I was a child. And I’m talking when I was a young child. I know the house wasn’t huge but the dog didn’t have to be huge either. There’s no guarantee that a dog would have prevented asthma, but it just might have. Not that the asthma bothers me or anything, but still. You’re not always right, like.
But that’s enough of that. I want to thank the two of you. Thanks for giving me this amazing life. I’ve always been loved and I’ve never had any huge problems growing up. Thanks for being teachers. I don’t know if this helped me or not, but I’ve never struggled with schoolwork and I reckon that’s partly down to the two of you.
Thanks for providing for me and for giving me everything I’ve ever needed. Thank you for trusting me. many teenagers my ages aren’t trusted, and I appreciate the fact that you both realise I’m relatively sensible. Thanks for letting me go out, make friends, follow my dreams, drink, do my own thing, go away now and then. Thanks for the support, encouragement, chats, kind words and glasses of wine.
I live in a fab house in a nice area with three gorgeous dogs. I have a laptop, iPod, phone, DSLR camera and much more beyond. I’ve gone abroad numerous times, eaten the best food we could find and worn some not-so-shabby clothes. Sometimes I forget that I’ve led such a privileged life. I’m not saying it was five-star luxury all the way, but it’s far better than a hell of a lot of people, I know.
Hopefully I’ve been an ok daughter too.
Niamh x

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