#4 – Your sibling

Hi there child,
Look, I’ll put it bluntly. You can be ridiculously annoying. Although I can’t really blame you for that because you’re only twelve. Or is it thirteen. Whatever.
You don’t know how lucky you have it, being the younger child. Everything is easier for you; no barriers to break down. I’ve all the legwork done, it’s your turn to sail through now.
I think this letter should contain some form of advice to you. Because i think it would change your life, I urge you to start listening to better music than that shite in the charts.
Don’t be afraid to be the different one.
Choose your friends carefully.
Try everything.
If an opportunity comes your way, grab it with both hands.
Don’t worry too much about school, you’ll just be labelled a geek and a nerd.
Play sport, and lots of it.
Learn how to enjoy your own company.
Fashion is important, so try to dress better.
Talk to your parents and build up a sense of trust; it will prove invaluable in years to come.
And just enjoy yourself. That’s the most important one.
Pity you’re never going to read this..

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