#6 – A stranger

Hey stranger,

I don’t know who you are, where this finds you or what you’re even going to make of it. I guess in a way it’s much like every blog post I do, each one being a letter to anyone who cares to read the blog..

I hope you’re enjoying your life and that everything’s ok. I’m writing this to you to help with my blog really. Sorry if that makes you feel worthless and used but it’s the truth. I took a bit of a break from blogging recently when I wrote the Kinsale Arts Week blog for nine days. Speaking of Kinsale Arts Week, it was such an amazing week for me. It was the break I needed from Cork and all the shit going on here. Caroline and I just go to escape for a week and I loved it.

I love Kinsale. Everyone knows everyone, which can of course be annoying, but it’s nice too. We got to stay down there in an apartment and it was like we were miles away from home. Which we were I guess. I got to know so many people and caught up with people from last year and went out and had fun. It was crazy and different and very, very memorable.

Now I’m back in Cork and it’s, well, fine. Some days are nice, others are a bit boring. Bit of an anticlimax if you like. Only a month of holidays left though so we should make the most of it. I wish some stuff was different at the moment, but life can’t be perfect all the time. I am looking forward to something sometime soon, that is if it even happens. Fingers crossed though.

I like having things to look forward to. It helps to give a sense of, like, time or something? Speaking of which, there’s a bit of a portay on in Kinsale next weekend which I’m technically invited to but not really. That’s the worst fucking thing about Facebook. You get an invite if you’re a person’s friend but that doesn’t mean they actually want you there. So it’s hard to decide whether you should go or not. Not that they wouldn’t want me there like. ‘Cause the people in question are pretty cool.

Last night I watched Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist. It’s a surprisingly good film actually. I had a cup of tea and a slice of chocolate fudge cake while watching it and everyone else was in bed so it was a nice bit of peace and quiet for a change. And then a song by The National came on in the film and it made me really, really happy. That sounds so sad I know but it was so unexpected and it was just lovely to hear Matt Berninger’s beautiful vocals. I love music.

I’ve been watching a good few films recently. As in one a day for the past three or four days maybe. I like to watch a DVD or some stupid romcom late at night out in the smaller TV room on the Xbox. I only begun watching the TV again the day after a night out in Kinsale when I was so ridiculously hungover it was all I could do. I bloody well love Frasier too. There should be a special ComedyCentralFrasier channel. Hmm.

Think I’m going to shut up now before I run out of stuff to say in the remaining 24 letters.

Goodbye then.

Niamh 🙂


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