#9 – Someone you wish you could meet

Dear Matt Berninger,

I love your voice, your lyrics, your music and everything that your band does really. I fucking love ‘Alligator’. I know Boxer is sometimes considered to be a better album but Alligator was the first album I heard so it’s my favourite.

Everytime I see Alligator lying around the place it reminds me of when and where I bought it. On Record Store Day 2009 I purchased it, along with a Flaming Lips album, in Plugd Records in Cork. And I loved that place so much and that day was so good that it kind of adds extra memories to your album. I’d never heard your stuff before to be honest, until Albert in Plugd picked the CD out as what I should buy. He was so right.

I bought High Violet then a day or two after it was released, but up in Dublin this time in Road Records. Both record stores have closed since. Maybe I should stop buying ye’re records in stores I like.. Anyway, I got the High Violet poster too from the lovely Dave in Road. Fucking delighted I was.

In just a month’s time you’ll be in the same country as me. That’s pretty insane, right? I’d bloody well love to go to the Picnic. When ye were announced for it I died a little inside because the plan at the time was to go to Oxegen. But I didn’t bother with that so I could nearly go to EP instead. Christ that’d be amazing. Hmm..

So d’you think ye might be back in Ireland sometime next year because chances are I won’t make it to Electric Picnic and I’ll always regret not seeing ye? Or just come visit me. On a little holiday, like. We have a spare bedroom so you’re more than welcome to stay. And you could sing a few songs for me. That’d be nice. I’ll buy you a coffee in return?

Shur let me know anyway.

Niamh x

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