Autumn/Winter ’10

AW10. Two letters combined with two numbers that cause ridiculous amounts of excitement. I’m no exception to that fact. Summer is great and everything, and it is a nice change to be able to go out in just a dress or only have to throw on a cardigan instead a huge woolly coat. Maybe I’m weird, but the novelty of this all wears off pretty quickly for me.

I’m in the minority of Irish people regarding my opinions on the weather. Granted, it’s bloody handy to have this universal conversation topic, allowing us to sail through life without any awkward silences, but I don’t do the complaining thing. I like the cold. I don’t mind if there’s a grey sky outside. To top it all off, I’m not a huge fan of hot sunny days. Dear Lord ye’re probably all slowly moving that cursor up to the red x in the corner, no longer wanting to read such a strange person’s blog. Ok then.

But just think about the winter. You get to wear cosy tights and knee-high boots and leather shoes. You can layer away ’til kingdom come; tank tops and t-shirts and dresses and jumpers and cardigans and blazers and coats ALL WORN TOGETHER. I don’t know how this sort of stuff cannot cause excitement. I’ll also admit that alot of my clothes are dark coloured. Grey, black, navy, more grey, and a bit more black. Then there is the wonder that is a scarf. A scarf can change an outfit in a second. God almighty I love scarves.

Winter means lots of different materials and textures. It brings cold days spent hidden inside cute coffee stores drinking cappuccinos and hot chocolates. Long evenings by the fire with the rain lashing down outside. Hats and coats and scarves and gloves. Winter walks on the beach with the cold rain and wind. That Christmassy feeling when town starts getting busier and the night comes that little bit quicker..

I am very excited about being able to wear lots of nice new clothes though. It’s possibly my favourite thing about AW. In preparation I have so far purcahsed a pair of brown brogues, lots of tights and a new blazer. I can’t describe the blazer because I don’t know what it’s called but I’ll do an outfit post soon with it. The lovely Caroline was doing a bit of a clear out too, so I got two fab t-shirts and an unworn orange pashmina. And you know how I love my scarves! Not forgetting the two hoodies.. The tennis club won’t know what hit them.

Other things I may invest in include: striped top, woolly grey socks, purply sleeveless blouse in Topshop (it is amazing), a dress of some sort, an amazing leather jacket, more shoes and boots, a black shirt, more vests and tanks,  and alot more that I just can’t think of right now.

Time to go to town. Outfit post later if I can get someone to take nice pictures of me.


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