I know I’m like a week late with this post, as technically it should have been done some time before New Year’s Eve, because now it’s time to look ahead to 2011 and make a load of resolutions I’m never going to keep. But I like to make myself stand out from the rest of the blogosphere, and I generally achieve this by writing about a certain topic a week or two too late.

I’m not even sure what I want to say about 2010. It seemed to whizz by before my eyes and I didn’t even get a chance to properly appreciate the fact that we were into that awkward year where everyone was united by the confusion as to what it should be called. Twenty-ten or two-thousand-and-ten. That’s before you even take into account the decisions that had to be made in car salesrooms; does zero-ten make sense?

Some of the stuff that happened in 2010 seem like they were a lifetime ago, whereas other events are so clear in my memory, it’s like it was only last week. It doesn’t feel like too long ago that Plugd closed its doors on 4A Washington Street for the very last time. My 2010 began with the closure of Plugd, the death of my dog, and my ill-health. That all sounds rather drastic, but I guess it was, apart from the fact that my ‘ill-health’ was really just a bit of a virus, not helped by the other two depressing factors. I ‘rang in the new year’ from the comfort of my living room, with a quick glass of champagne before crawling back to bed.

I can’t remember January all that well, or February for that matter. Reading back on blogposts is the only way I can get a clear picture of what happened, or at least a feeling of what life was like then. I went to Maths in UCC on Saturdays; I went to a ‘Plugd’ gig in the Triskel for the first time since Plugd had closed; I worked on the magazine; I did my first outfit post; I generally went to town and had coffee with my friends.

I can’t remember much about March either, but I know I went to London. So here’s two photos from that:


On the ol' Tube..

And that's, like, Buckingham Palace.












London was good. Fun. A laugh. You get the idea. And I actually liked the whole school trip thing. There was a small enough group so we had alot of freedom and everyone got on with each other, and it really benefited our English alright, as we went under the guise of it being an ‘English trip’. I did try my best to soak up some of Shakespeare’s, I dunno, inspiration or vibes or something when we were in his house. So that could have worked, fingers crossed.

Okay, so this ‘Niamh’s life month by month’ thing is getting boring, so I’m going to give some brief summaries from now on. If you wish to read about said months in further detail you can click on the required month in the archive thing to the right..

April: Slightly crappy start; new puppy; magazine nominations for overall, design, and Plugd article; sunny days.

May: Fun with puppy, Dublin for magazine awards, staying with a friend, Poké-party, Confirmation, exams, summer.

June: June was a damn good month. New people, new places. Crappy music ‘festivals’, Cork Midsummer Festival, Dublin with the Irish Times, escape, fun, haircut by a 9-year-old, the usual..

July: Good and bad. Decisions, Kinsale, home.

August: Parents away, house to myself, Dublin, Westbury, Aviva, stupid party, door issues, some new friends and nice times. RE-OPENING OF PLUGD. Hey, this was a good month actually..

September: Sixth year. What can I say?

October: I stopped blogging so I don’t actually know what happened..

November: Again, lack of blogging. Got a virus, I think. Me that is, not the laptop. Wish it had been the shagging laptop though.

December: Missed the National, snow and ice, conquered fear of the dentist, turned 18 and danced to the house music, Christmas, shit party, good party, too much alcohol, banged my head.

I shouldn’t have done this stupid, well-laid out list thing of what happened during the year. I should have, like I normally do, babbled on about whatever popped into my mind, because that’s be a more accurate overview of my 2010. It doesn’t actually matter what happened on each and every day. What matters is the impact that 2010 left on you, what you considered important. Honestly, 2010 was, for the most part, good. But on the other hand, I’m glad to leave it behind. I’d like to think I learned some important stuff during the year, stuff that I can take with me as I travel through the voyage of life. Lol.

Seriously though, it was a good year dotted with a few bad bits, but that’s life. Highlights would be my new puppy, winning an award for my Plugd article, producing an award-winning magazine, working with the Irish Times and getting published, new camera, meeting lots of new people, new friends, old friends, living on my own, nights out, figuring out how to get the culchie bus (fuckyeah!), getting to know some family a bit better, soulmates, re-opening of Plugd and the after-party, and last but not least, turning eighteen.

I was intending on adding my soundtrack to 2010 in here, but seeing as it was one of the best and most important parts of my year it deserves a post all of its own. Later on, hopefully, and it’ll be alot more interesting than this vague and disjointed summary of twenty-ten. Or should that be two-thousand-and-ten? Whaddya think, eh?


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