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On the eve of the results..

So, here I am, sitting in my bedroom, eating a banana, alone apart from the crane fly in the corner whose murder I am currently planning. The Facebook statuses are being updated at a rate only comparable to the eve of the Leaving Cert itself, and I’m lamenting the fact that there’s only a glassful of orange juice left in the house to go with my Jameson in the morning.

I’m strangely calm right now, but when I start to think about walking through the front doors of the school again, seeing the principal, teachers and fellow students, and, most of all, being handed that envelope, it makes the whole thing seem a little too real.

In fairness though, this is nothing compared to June. It’s hard not to get worked up about it all, but the exam’s are done and no-one can change that now. (Well, maybe a corrupt State Examinations Commission employee, but that’s unlikely. Hopefully.) And, unless something terrible happens, like failing maths, we all get to go crazy tomorrow night and drink ’til we no longer remember what the Leaving Cert is.

I’m excited too. Excited at the thought of finally escaping from the clutches of secondary education. Excited at never having to think about a state exam again. Excited about what the future holds…maybe.

I went to the pub to meet a few friends earlier. Everyone was just going a bit insane at home and heading out for a drink seemed like the best idea. I had a mojito, which was suitably pretentious of me. People were planning tomorrow’s activities on an hour-by-hour basis, but I think I’ll go with a more spontaneous approach to things, it’s more my style..

Whatever happens there’ll be tears, either of joy or despair, and plenty of alcohol to intensify those emotions and help in the creation of much drunken debauchery. Right now though, it’s time to find that feckin’ daddy-long-legs’ hiding place, murder it with my trusty weapon of The Irish Times, and get myself to sleep. G’luck folks, it’ll be grand..


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Quick update

Last night was kind of nice. My mother was out and I put up the Christmas tree and played the guitar and uploaded lots of old photos to Facebook.

I got a little distracted when the Christmas lights came out and I decided to throw them over the guitar and take pictures of it. Only the pictures are crap because I had to use a phone and not my proper camera because a teacher has my memory card. (I’d like that back Ms. Begley, thanks.)

Today I really have to study. I have done practically nothing and I have a week of exams coming up. Got the results of our French Christmas aural back yesterday. Eh yeah, got 87%…pretty shit considering it was an ordinary level LC paper. Meh, I hate French anyway so I don’t care too much.

First up on Monday is English and Biology. Kinda freaked about having to write 6 pages in 50 mins on Kavanagh, especially taking into account that I know nothing about his poetry. It’s been ages since I wrote that one answer on him, and that took long enough considering I had reams of notes surrounding me on his work. We’ll survive I’m sure. Also have unseen poetry and a reading comprehension. Unseen poetry = ugh. Reading comprehension = not so bad!

Biology…don’t get me started. We haven’t covered that many chapters though so I should get that done, and then have a look at exam paper questions, and if I know that it should be ok.

Wish me luck.

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And so it arrives.

The last ‘weekend’ of the year is here. The last weekend of 2009 that will ‘end’. My last ‘weekend’ being sixteen. Weekend is in inverted commas because when you’re not at school, once you’re on holidays, the weekends and weeks jumble up into one big week/weekend type thing. Just to explain to ye 🙂

The only thing is though, that this weekend won’t be a very good one. Christmas exams starting Monday and I seriously need to study something. So looks like that’ll be it for me for the next few days. Unless I go to town tomorrow. We’ll see.

Although I was in last night. We had tickets to White Lies in the Opera House. It was a free GreenSpheres gig, so said we may as well go. We had fake IDs made, but needed to get them laminated. There’s this Internet cafe in town that never closes, so we planned on going there to get them done, because Aisling had got IDs done there before. Anyway, after trying to ignore the old, creepy, foreign man, we asked could we get business card size laminating done. He said no, and that it wouldn’t work. Shit. Aisling went in then and he was like ‘No, it’s broken’. So we left, but then saw yer man go out for a smoke, so Aisling RAN back down the street to ask the other guy at the desk, but apparently it was actually broken.

Then I rang 11850 (rip-off : do not use), and asked for laminating places in Cork. The guy on the phone was clueless, and was giving me places in Mallow and various business parks. So eventually I gave up on him. So we decided to head to North Main Street…in all fairness it would be one’s first port of call when attempting to break the law. And it was successful! We thought. This internet café had a sign saying the did laminating, but when we went in they told us they’d gotten rid of the machine.

So we went up McCurtain Street. Hannah and Aisling were vanished out of sight (as in they were walking way ahead of us, not that they were dragged down an alleyway) so Liam and I sat outside the Metropole and talked while we waited for the other two to appear. They still hadn’t emerged after about quarter of an hour, so then Liam suggested that maybe they’d been raped. We rang them and they said ‘We’re next’. Whether that was for the laminating or to be raped, I didn’t know.

McCurtain Street is one awful street. Christ like, the building across from the Metropole is actually horrific. Above ‘Cork Community Church’ or what used to be Cork Community Church at least. Seriously, go have a look. In the daytime preferably. Anyway, they came out eventually, and we headed for the Opera House.

I got in grand with my ID and was in the queue in to the actual stage place with Liam…when the security guard came in and was like ‘Can you stand out there for a minute?’ because they wouldn’t let the other two in with all the same IDs so I got pulled out.

To cut a long story short we argued for ages, but eventually gave up and ended up selling our ticket for €20. How bad. So we hung around talking to people for a while, and then went to Tribes with two guys who didn’t get in either. So the five of us had chocolate brownies/scones and tea/coke and to be honest, it was still a good night. We had a laugh and was out until half 11 or 12.

Not bad for a school night.

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Deep. Breaths.

I feel stressed. It is a mere week until I begin my Christmas exams and I have yet to begin studying. I am freaking out that I am going to do badly, but I’m doing nothing about it. I sit here instead, searching various chords and tabs for whatever song pops into my head and then play it to my heart’s content.

Despite the fact that each and every one of my books lies unopened in my bedroom.

This is an extremely worrying state of affairs.

I think I left my motivation behind in my Junior Cert exam centre.

Should go find that…

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