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Bank holiday weekend: Sunday

I like Sundays. I like waking up a little hungover, and thinking about what happened over the weekend. I like going to Kinsale with my parents and the puppy. I like drinking coffee, and reading the Sunday Times, and going for a walk on the beach.

Big puppy!

Our little Ozzie is getting so big so fast! Here he is having fun covering my cashmere Topshop vest and vintage jacket in sand. But I love him so I don’t mind..

This is the jacket I was talking about in the last post. It’s from Mercury Goes Retrograde on Drawbridge Street in Cork. Search for them on Facebook” The jacket is made by an American clothing company called Pendleton. They still make clothes today, and when I found there website, I saw that today Pendleton jackets sell for between $200 and $250. So I’m very happy with my vintage purchase! It has a lovely purple lining too and I’d wear it forever if I could. Maybe I can…


After I got back from Kinsale I went down to the tennis club with my brother, Liam and Peter, but there was a tournament on so we all went home. Fun times.

Later on though, I went over to Aisling’s house because her parents were off in Dublin. So under the guise of a study session, I spent the day there drinking tea, and eating carrot cake and cheesecake. It was nice. And Aisling took some photos of me so ye could see what I was wearing. And I rather like her front door too..

Gazing into the distance..

Navy vest (barely seen) : Topshop

Other vest : Topshop

Jacket :  Mercury Goes Retrograde ❤

Jeans : Pepe Jeans

Shoes : Converse

And here’s another one, just because..

Totally natural..

I’ll do Sunday tomorrow, if I’ve time.


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Summery days and short skirts..

Y’know, we’re going to get used to this sunshine here on our little island on the periphery of Europe. We’re going to start thinking we’re entitled to it then, and we won’t be happy campers when it decides to head back to wherever it belongs. But until then I’m going to enjoy it. The sun allows us to spend our days lazing around the park, and then me making Aisling follow me around and take photos of me so I can show you what I wore. Not that it’s even that exciting or stylish or ground-breaking but I like documenting things like that.

Looking casual..

Gazing into the glistening water.. 😛

Skirt : Penneys

Top : Zara

Shirt : Stradivarius

Scarf : Debenhams

So we sat on the two rugs we brought, ate pasta, and drank tropical fruit juice. Then people kept joining us. I think we have some magnetic force that attracts everyone towards us. That, or we’re just so cool they can’t stay away..

Playing *dangerous* sports..

You can’t see much of me in that photo, but  my bracelets frame the scene nicely I think, as do the sunglasses. And then there’s L and P and K being violent with E’s juggling equipment. I was hit, attacked, beaten up.

Oh, and then while I was lying there trying not to get hit by that low flying object, my friends did this.

That's me..

And then there was the argument about how is it that my feet look smaller than A’s when we take the same size Converse?

We so indie, yaw.

I think it may because mine are tied quite loosely and so look wider, therefore reducing the length:width ratio. Also, I tie my laces behind the tongue, so less lace is seen, possibly making the shoe appear shorter.

That’s science for you.



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Clothes and Music!

Two of the biggest loves of my life.


This is what I wore today to town, followed by an afternoon in the park. Some people told me I should have more fashion posts seeing as the title of the blog refers to clothes, so thanks to the lovely Aisling who kindly followed me around and snapped me in various poses, I have an outfit post. 🙂


Top : Zara, London.

Denim jacket : Zara kids many years ago..

Scarf : Debenhams

Jeans : Pepe Jeans @ KIldare Village

Shoes : Converse @ Schuh

Bag : Penneys

And now for some choonage. Listened to this on the bus to town today, so now it’s like you’re living my life. Go dress like me, go listen to the same music, go do the same stuff with your friends. How exciting 😛

Grizzly Bear – Two Weeks, from the album Veckatimest. Hopefully I’ll be seeing this live in June when they play Harmonic @ the Marquee, along with Midlake, Camera Obscura and Villagers. All for only €35? I’m there.


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Pictures! Of clothes!

Today I wore this...


Black plait bandage skirt – Topshop – €35

Long sleeved grey top – H&M – €12.95

Wine tank top – Tophop sale – €4

Grey hoody – H&M – €19.95

Scarf – Topshop – a gift

Eiffel tower necklace – Accessorize sale – €10

Bag – Penneys – €7 I think.

Pumps – Dunnes – €12


Maxi dress – Penneys -€13

Denim jacket – Next children’s section – many years ago..

Bag – free with a magazine



Black lace dress – Penneys – €23

Black faux leather jacket – H&M – €40

Purple tights – Penneys – €3

Gold chain necklace – Penneys sale – €1

Irregular Choice shoes – Schuh – €90

Everything was bought within the last month apart from the denim jacket.

I heart clothes.

And apologies for the ridiculously bad photos. I didn’t have the patience to make them look decent.

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Fashion, shopping, and clothes.

I like clothes. They make me happy, so happy. If I see someone sitting outside a café, or walking down the street, and they look good, then it makes me smile. People who look a little different to everyone else, but effortlessly pull off whatever they’re wearing. I try my best to achieve this natural look, but I know I fail. It’s all well and good to have ideas, and when you’re in a shop you might have amazing prospects for a jacket or a dress. But some clothes just look crappy after a month or so and you never wear them again. This has happened to me on numerous occasions with items from Penneys in the past, but I do believe I am improving in the picking-out-recession-beating-clothes regard.

Today I bought a hoody in H&M. I wanted a baggy one, to throw on over big t-shirts and bandage skirts. So I went for the biggest they had, a size 16. I didn’t even realise EUR42 was a size 16 until after I bought it. I showed it to my mother who was like ‘Twenty euro for a plain hoody?’. She doesn’t get my whole ‘look’ if you could even call it that. She’s probably right, but the only way I’ll learn is by making mistakes. I like big baggy t-shirts with cardigans thrown over. I like Converse and I don’t like jeans. I know this is an extremely controversial statement, but I just never really wear jeans anymore. They’re boring and safe and there’s plenty of time to wear them when you hit 40. I prefer short skirts and coloured tights.

So my big baggy hoody. I tried it on with my white I ❤ Paris t-shirt, bought in Charles de Gaulle; my black ribbed bandage skirt from Topshop, also known as my ‘piece of material’; a green and navy check scarf from Topshop, grey tights, and black flats. I like it. I know I’ll be sick of it in a few weeks, but right now I think it looks nice. It’s casual-looking, and I love anything in slate grey.

I also tried on two dresses in Penneys. One was a black tea dress with floral designs on it, but not too bright. It might have been a tad long though, I’m not sure. I also tried a black lace dress. It was a nice length and had a good voluminous skirt. I don’t know what I have that would go with it though, and I feel it may be something I could stop wearing after two weeks instead of my usual four.

I might start posting the odd photo of what I’m wearing on any given day, so that the blog isn’t completely my rambling. I think people like to look at pictures, especially of people. I’ll think about it. Taking pictures could be a tad difficult as I can be a bit fussy at times regarding photography.

Went into an amazing new shop in Cork today called Amity on French Church Street. It’s so pretty and spacious and has beautiful clothes and big changing rooms and lovely decor. I’m thinking of dragging my dear mother in there to buy me something pretty for my brother’s confirmation. How I love religion…

I think I’ll stop now. But more shopping tomorrow. Yay! 🙂


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Friday evening at home

Sixteen years old and sitting a laptop on a Friday night. Hey! It could be worse!

Some positive developments in the ‘Tomorrow night’s eighteenth official freak-out’ in that I think I know what I’m wearing. The picture to the left (taken from dublinstreets) is the dress I think I shall wear, with dark purple-y tights and dark purple Irregular Choice shoes. Hopefully that’ll be ok because I really don’t have anything else.
My hair is super short at the moment following a visit to the hairdresser’s last Wednesday to get my split ends chopped off. I think I’ll go with straightening the hair and maybe a bit of teasing or back-combing to get some volume going on. I am really trying my best here to be positive about this shin-dig. I hope this is coming across..
It is now half past eight and I have a number of paths that I could take. I could try and get my homework done, which really would be a good idea, seeing as I’ll be out all day and all night tomorrow. And I will have to knuckle down a bit on Sunday what with us getting a few ‘mid-terms’ next week. However, I could stay hibernating here on the couch wasting away the hours on the evil entity that is the Internet. Or I could go to bed and read the various prospectuses I have received in the post. Or I could watch television. I’m sure you care alot.

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The weekend

And at last, the weekend rolls around.

It’s been long enough coming, but it’s one of those weekends that I’m just not looking forward to. Which is a shame really, because it should be the absolute highlight of my life. I’m beginning to think I’m very unsociable for a teenager because I never seem to want to go to parties. A particular type of party. I’ve an eighteenth this weekend, and the best way of describing what it’s going to be like is to think of ‘My Super Sweet 16’. It’s in a hotel with the birthday boy arriving in a limo and all that jazz. Which is fine, but it’s just not an intimate get together where one can get trashed and lie out in the back garden if one feels one should behave in such a manner. I like those kinda parties.
Instead I must spend tomorrow trekking the town looking for something to wear. And shit! I just remembered I’ll have to spend tonight pouring bottles of fake tan over my pasty Irish skin. Ugghhh. And I’ll also have to go find a birthday present. Why oh why do people have parties I ask myself? And on top of all the hassle I’ve to go to, I don’t think this event is going to be all that. For some, no doubt, it will. However I won’t know many people there and there’s some stoopid thing with under 18s having to wear a band so they can’t buy drink. Looks like I’m in for a night of sitting in the corner with my best friend. Oh the joys of the infamous ’18th Season’.
In other news, I have tennis later on. I think it’s time to start worrying when an hour of physical exertion becomes one of the highlights of my weekend. My so-called friends no longer frequent the city centre as we did all summer, leading to caffeine cravings for me, unless I choose to go for coffee on my own, which frankly just isn’t the same.
I should really do a bit of work this weekend too. Next week is the last week of school, so there’ll be a couple of tests no doubt, commencing with Business Unit 1 on Monday. The Mid-Term can’t come quick enough. I am both physically and emotionally exhausted. Well not really, just fed up of school, so academically exhausted then. I just need a chance to go out and SLEEP IN! Inevitably though, it will go all too fast and I will end up even more stressed than I am now.
Gotta go change now, eat some food and go run around a court for an hour. I love my life.

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