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Pasta and lentil bake

I do like cooking, it’s just I rarely get a chance to try out new recipes, because I generally just eat whatever my mother makes, and lunches are a bit of a low-key affair. Like a slice of bread. So today I stayed at home because I had a ridiculous amount of stuff to do. Also, having the house to myself I could make a mess and no-one would care. So that’s exactly what I did. This here is my pasta and lentil bake. At least that’s what I’m calling it anyway.

My pasta and lentil bake..

I didn’t really get the recipe from anywhere. I guess it’s a mix of macaroni and cheese and this thing that my friend’s mum makes.  But here’s what I did if you’re interested.


Breadcrumbs, penne pasta, Vegan gluten-free cheese-flavoured sauce mix, puy lentils, red lentils,  1/2 onion, 2 cloves garlic, broccoli, courgette, tomato puree, water, salt, pepper, mixed herbs.

Think that’s it anyway!

1. First of all, cook the puy lentils and red lentils. About 15 mins for the red and a bit more for the puy lentils. I’m useless at knowing how long to cook things for though, so don’t take my word on this bit.

2. Add olive oil, the chopped onion, garlic, courgette and broccoli to a saucepan and stir over a low-ish heat.

3. Next add the red lentils and puy lentils along with about 2 tablespoons of tomato puree and a little water.

4. After a few minutes add some salt, pepper and mixed herbs. Then transfer the mixture to an ovenproof dish.

5. Cook the pasta.

6. Make the cheese-flavoured sauce according to the instructions on the packet. Mix with the cooked pasta and spread on top of the lentil and vegetable mix in the dish.

7. Finally sprinkle breadcrumbs all over the pasta.

8. Cook at 180 degrees Celcius for about 20 minutes.

And voila!


Whenever I’m cooking myself, I tend to do vegetarian dishes because I’m not a fan of red meat or even fish. Also, it’s far more likely that we’ll have the wherewithal for a vegetarian meal in the presses, but it’s not like I open the fridge and there’s a shelf of sirloin steaks and lamb shanks staring out at me.

I’m pretty sure this meal is vegan too, but please do correct me on this if I’m wrong. Usually it wouldn’t be vegan if you made your own cheese sauce, but my mum happened to have this sauce mis in the cupboard that she told me to use.

And to be honest, it was fairly savage and I’m pretty pleased with how it all turned out!



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Cooking plans..

This place must be pretty fecking different with all this ridiculously emotional shite hanging around and being all teary-eyed and whatnot. But to be honest I don’t really mind if ye all hate it because I see it as an investment in the future development and continuity of my blog. I’d sort of hit a brick wall and I was thinking of giving up this whole blogging lark altogether. Then, via Boards, I came across this 30 days of letters thing and reckoned that it would at least get me writing again. Which, fair fucks to it, it did. And reading through them one after the other you’d be forgiven for thinking I’m in the midst of an emotional breakdown. I’m not. I swear. I’m just pretty convincing with the emotional writing.

Leading on from paragraph one, I’m now formally announcing that from now on I am just going to be writing what I want to write. Forget what will draw the readers, forget making the place look aesthetically pleasing, forget any worthwhile journalism. This is just for me to rant and rave, to reminisce and discuss. I’ll post the odd photo of what I’m wearing if I get around to it, but apart from that it’ll be words all the way. So you’re just going to have to start making a cuppa tea before you sit down and click on the Wintertime Clothes bookmark in your browser. (You have it bookmarked, right? Or maybe you’re all into that RSS stuff. Whatever, you computer nerd.) Then you know you’re in for the long haul and you’ll just have to start at the top and finish at the bottom. Might help increase your attention span in this day and age of Twitter and texting and everything else.

I now realise I haven’t once mentioned my cooking plans. I’ll explain. The parents are going away for a fortnight next week (party on!!) and I’ll have to cook for me and whoever else is staying to keep me company. And I was thinking earlier about what I’m going to make, and I thought that writing a list here for you all to read would be a good method of brainstorming. Things to bear in mind include the fact that we have nine egg-laying hens in the garden, along with lettuce and tomatoes in the kitchen garden and greenhouse, plenty of fresh herbs and there’s generally cheese in the fridge.

So I need fourteen dinners. Hmm. Breakfast’s always just a slice of bread or a piece of fruit and, if I’m at home, lunch tends to be the same. So all that’s left is dinner.

1. Egg fried rice

2. Baked potato

3. Quiche

4. Omelette and chips

5. Pizza

6. Quesadillas

7. Coq au vin (there’s a few portions of this frozen in the fridge y’see..)

8. Curry

9. Fancy toasted sandwich

10. Pasta with sauce and veg

11. Macaroni and cheese (Hannah could provide this possibly? Or I’ll find a recipe..)

12. Gnocchi (Never made these before, but when I was on www.supercook.com the other night I discovered we generally have the wherewithal to make these so I may as well give it a lash..)

13. Ready-made meal from M&S (Caramelised onion and goats cheese tart)
14. Ready-made meal from Dunnes (Ravioli)
Shur I’m sorted! That list took about two minutes so I’ve plenty of ideas really. Maybe I should make a desert list? Chances are I won’t even be at home half the time for dinner but I may as well have this list here in case I’m stuck some night. I’ll also willingly accept any applications from any readers who’d like to come over and cook for me. I’ll provide the wine in return. Speaking of which, need to check is that offer still on in Tesco where you could get three 50cl bottles of McGuigan Shiraz for a tenner. They were fecking savage.. Or I could be like a normal teenager and just get beer. But no.
Right then, applications to be Niamh’s personal chef for one night only to wintertimeclothes@live.ie. Ha.


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Saturdays are simply the best

No day of the week will ever be as good. Ever.

I went into town with my mum, went for coffee with her and two of my aunts. Aunt bought a cardigan for me. From Penney’s, but I love it. Penney’s has gotten so good.

Then I went to Topshop and bought a denim skirt and a long grey jumper/dress with giftcards I had from Christmas. And got a 10% student discount. Good start to the day loike.

And I met my friends and we wandered around and I looked at second hand books and we went for coffee and there were beautiful paintings and the brownie was amazing and I got two stamps on my loyalty card and I met lovely people and I had a freak out and my friend was so nice to me and I laughed and I smiled.

We decided to go for dinner and my mum was cool with it even at my ridiculously short notice. It was lovely to be free and there not be any pressure to catch a bus and run around all flustered. We walked and we talked and we searched for a restaurant and finally went to Gourmet Burger Bar. Falafel for Hannah and me, chicken for Ash, Haloumi for Botch and chicken wings for Liam. All in burger form of course, apart from the wings. And it was tasty and fun and relaxing and happy. We paid and left a tip and missed our buses accidentally-on-purpose.

Tea sounded good so we wandered to Gusto where Liam paid for my coffee and then made me pay him back. And we talked and we planned in the candle-lit café and I sipped my Americano and admired the lovely waiter. And Jim passed and waved and I loved, loved Cork again.

We walked to the bus stop and got our bus and came home and I tried on my clothes and now I’m here.

This is a day to remember.

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