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On Wednesday I started my summer exams. I had Monday and Tuesday off, so like any weekday I have off I listened to the radio for hours on end. It’s a little luxury in life that I rarely get to enjoy due to my being at school everyday, so listening to morning and afternoon radio is something of a rare treat for me. Oh the simple things..

So if I’m awake, I usually start with Ryan Tubridy at 9am, although very rarely am I up that early. As soon as he finishes up it’s over to TodayFM for 2 hours of Ray D’Arcy, followed by another Ray (of the Foley variety) until I realise that I really need to start studying and I eventually turn it off.

This is what we look like from above. Just we're wearing blue.

On both Wednesday and Thursday I finished up at 11:15. It’s the one thing I actually like about exams I guess. You’re in and out of school before the morning’s over, so there’s plenty of time for lounging around at home while everyone else is out. Whenever I have to feed myself, I never settle for a simple sandwich either. It always has to be something far more complicated, and must involve some from of heat energy. Our house isn’t the best for food supplies though, so I was relegated to the dry food stores press on two occasions, and had baked beans and a potato waffle. It was nice though. I hate the thought of beans, but together with a waffle they bring back memories of when I was four years old and it made me a tad nostalgic for the good ol’ days..

So eventually after all the cooking’s finished I’d start on a bit of study, interspersed with sessions on the Internet. Funnily enough though, I never got a chance to update the blog. Writing blogposts seems to be a big task, whereas I always say to myself I’m only going to check Facebook, Twitter and my email, and then head back to the books. But we all know that never happens.

Maths was on Wednesday. Wasn’t too bad. (c) parts were ok, but a good few tricky (b) parts.

English wasn’t the worst either. Timing was ok for me, but I hadn’t learned any quotes from Hamlet so my English teacher’s going to freak at me over that one. But I’d rather use my time to keep writing analysis instead of wasting time trying to recall some ridiculously nonsensical quote.. (Love you Shakespeare babes!)

Biology was alright, but way too many questions on bacteria, which I’d only briefly glanced over just before the exam. About an hour left at the end too, so I tried to sleep, but that’s surprisingly difficult in an exam hall I found..

Irish was probably my best so far. I predicted the poetry and prose perfectly, but that doesn’t mean I actually learned it. Still though, I managed to ramble on and make stuff up and probably wrote alot more than I would have had I learned something off by heart. Timing fairly tight though..

So I’m sure you found that lowdown on my exams utterly riveting, but there’s not a whole lot else going on right now, so you’re going to have to put up with my ‘exam diary’ so to speak. Only three left now though, so freedom is near!

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Café Gusto, Cork.

From across the street..

I had a lovely evening here two nights ago with three lovely people. Gusto is located in Cork city centre at 3 Washington Street, and they also have a coffee pod on Lapp’s Quay Boardwalk. By day, Gusto offers coffee, sandwiches and other lunch-type options, as well as some tasty sweet treats! It’s handy to pop in and meet friends or just get a coffee to-go. In days gone by, when I used to spend hours upon hours next door in Plugd, Gusto was perfectly located. We could pop in if the Plugd folk were getting sick of us, monitor who was going in and out by sitting in the window, buy a coffee to go for someone if it was their birthday… the list goes on. And even though Plugd is all but a memory now, I still love Gusto.

And I love it even more on a Thursday, Friday and Saturday when they stay open late into the evening for bruschetta, mezze plates and fancy teas and coffees. You can have a glass of wine on the side too, but they also provide a BYO service where you bring your own wine to accompany your meal.

The rare sight of an empty Gusto

As nice as Gusto is during the day for lunch or a coffee, I love it alot more in the evening when they put the cushions out on the benches, and the nightlights are lit on each table. There’s such a lovely ambiance in there, yet it remains casual and relaxed. We took a seat at one of the tables in the middle of the floor first, as all the seats along the wall were full, but luckily one party left and we subtly snuck over and took their spot, although this move did not go unnoticed to the staff..

Myself and one other friend ordered the Moroccan Mezze Plate (€7.95) which included roasted aubergine and courgette, hummus, goat’s cheese and cous cous. It came served with plenty of warm pitta bread. The plate was beautifully presented, and it tasted even better. The remaining two in our group both had bruschetta (€4.95): one with salami, and one with chorizo, accompanied by a side of cous cous (€2.50). The food was made with good, fresh ingredients and we pretty much licked our plates clean. Not literally though, because one party member would probably have freaked had we tried that..

The atmospheric candles..

Once that was finished we began glancing sideways at the selection of desserts, and our most helpful server talked us through our options at our request. Two of us went with the chocolate fudge cake (€3.00) and another one of us ordered the lemon tartlet (€2.75) on the recommendation of the staff. Donal the chef’s secret recipe apparently! Teas and coffees complemented the desserts perfectly and we were nicely full as we wandered out onto Washington Street.

It's really rather lovely..

Go here. It’s damn nice is all I can say. I’m going back next weekend, see you there?

To have a look at the menu and read more about Gusto click here or visit them on Facebook.


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‘Tis been a while…

When I got back from London I realised I had so much work to catch up on. The week before we went I was only thinking about going away, and then reality hit on Monday when I saw all the homework I had never done. And we had three maths tests last week. If that doesn’t excuse me, I don’t know what will..

The past weekend was good, really good. After getting Business and Maths tests out of the way on Friday, I went home and straight to bed. Passion Pit were on in the Savoy that evening and we had three tickets between 7 or 8 of us and decided we’d head out anyway as it was a friend’s birthday. I felt a bit crappy so I popped two Paracetamol and went for a nap. setting my alarm for 6.15pm. Inevitably, I put it on snooze and didn’t get up until 7pm so there was a bit of a shower-change-pack rush going on between then and eight.

We got to town and saw the queues outside Savoy and just decided to give up there and then. A little bit of wandering the streets ensued, but that was to be expected, and after a bit we ended up in a pub. We met a few people in there, both young and old, friends and strangers, and quite a bit of Irish was spoken. Drink always brings out the cúpla focal in people.

It was a lovely, lovely evening, and we even a platter of free sandwiches for whatever reason. Seriously, how bad? Then I got word that the whole getting into Passion Pit scenario was pretty lenient, but one drink led to another and we never got there. We did give our tickets away though, for anyone who’s raving at the thought of wasted tickets.

We met some lovely, and some not so lovely people after we left the pub. Somehow, I got talking to this guy, a DJ he told me, and we joked about adding each other on Facebook. Then the following afternoon in town, who do I see DJing in the window of a shop in town, but himself from last night. We waved and laughed.. Small world, like.

Town was so nice yesterday. Cork is so cultural these days that the food stalls were out on Grand Parade and there was some Irish-y band playing and there was Art in the Park – all part of St. Patrick’s Festival as it’s called. No longer just Paddy’s Day, but here in Cork we extend it to a whole festival. Myself and Aisling got some savage ‘Gourmet Sausage Sandwiches’ from O’Flynn’s for lunch. Feckin’ delicious.

Now it’s Sunday and my head hurts and I have a cold. Which sorta sucks. But I don’t feel too bad. We went to Kinsale earlier for coffee and whatnot and now I’m shuddering at the prospect of having to start my homework. My room’s a wreck and I’ve to walk the dogs, but I think I might just say ‘Feck that’ and get lost on the Internet for a few hours.

It’s Sunday after all, and aren’t we all supposed to rest and not do anything or something?

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The Mighty Sales

January. It brings determination to lose that bit of weight you think you put on over Christmas, ridiculously cold weather, and the infamous ‘January sales’.

I hate sales. Rooting through all that crap thrown together. Jeans on the same rail as dresses for a night out; red shirts next to pink jumpers next to orange skirts; sizes 4, 6, 18 and 20. Although saying all this, I did manage to get one or two things in the sales. But sales are a mess in most places.

It’s an Irish thing though. As soon as Christmas is over everyone rushes out as early as possible the morning the sales begin to try and get the best bargain. As widely publicised in the media, some of the larger stores opened on Stephen’s Day this year in an effort to combat the recession. Looks like it worked. Wait, Celtic Tiger two-point-zero ain’t here yet, but alot of people went out hungover and bloated to fight through fellow shoppers.

I didn’t.

Admittedly though, that was because I was in the far boglands of Kerry and there ain’t no BT’s or Arnott’s around those parts. I don’t know would I have bothered if I was at home either though. I prefer to happen upon amazing bargains, because that happens so regularly.

I’ve also noticed sales on foodstuffs recently. By recently I mean today. A friend and I were feeling cold and hungry so we went to the hot food counter in Tesco. And there, before our eyes, were bags of 10 chicken nuggets reduced from €1.20 to 48c. We gave into our desires and bought them. They were small, hard and dry. It was after the first five that the terror of food poisoning set in. Let’s say we decided the bin looked hungry after that..

M&S had a ‘food sale’ too. I walk in,, take a look around, and there on the shelf are sweet, crumbly mince pies, left over after the festive season. Looking all lonely and forlorn with their yellow sticker stating they’ve been reduced from €2.59 to €1.50. How could I leave them there? I mean really, having to spend another night on the cold supermarket shelf. What did they ever do to deserve that huh?

They were good though, the one I had anyway. The five that are left are hidden behind the party finger food and under the naan bread in the freezer. If anyone dares touch them….

So the moral of my mind-blowing story is food sales can be good, just make you choose your reduced foodstuffs from a reputable source, and never buy on impulse. You’ll regret it.

Happy shopping folks! 😉

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Today I bought…

Today was the start of the first proper Christmas weekend. Town was feckin’ jammers between the SHARE people begging everyone for money, and the slightly older folks freaking out about Christmas. I went for coffee with my mum and my aunt, and then looked around a few shops with them, bumped into my Maths teacher, tried on a jumper and then departed them and wandered around.

Caroline made a lovely boo boo by texting me by accident regarding the fact that she didn’t want to spend as much on my birthday present as we always spend on each other’s presents. So that was a fabulous start to the morning.

Happened to meet a guy I know as I came out of Penneys after buying a leather-look over-the-shoulder bag, because my Tophop canvas one was just not staying up on my shoulder. So I walked up the street a bit, avoiding a few people en route, and then we talked for about half an hour, as he stood fascinated by a woman with branches stuck on to her who waved her arms about in what was apparently a tree-like fashion. So that was nice.

Then I text my friends, who didn’t reply for ages, and then said ‘they weren’t in’ although the guy I had been talking to had seen them. What a way to make a girl feel loved, eh?!

We went for coffee, did a little shopping, y’know yourself. Headed off to Plugd for a gawk, but it was super busy, and Aisling rang me telling me they were going to Amicus, so we all went for paninis together. Quite nice. I returned to Plugd then to decide between Arcade Fire and The National, although I had to take Arcade Fire because funds were insufficient to purchase The National. Soon though. There were savage cupcakes on offer in Plugd too, in cute paper cases and with amazing blue icing and sprinkles. A list-of-the-decade-topping album, a delicious cupcake, an amazing vibe, a live DJ set, and a nice chat, all for €13. What more could one want?

From there we headed over to Peace Park that has been turned into a ‘Winter Wonderland’ by Franc/Peter Kelly. The queue was ridiculously long, but moved quickly, and I had my herby lollipop from The Hemp Company to keep me happy. And then we went home.

And now I’m here, listening to Funeral, and wondering what to do.

Arcade Fire – Rebellion (Lies)


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