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Morning thoughts

Oh dear Jesus I am not looking forward to today. It is almost midday, that is HALF WAY THROUGH THE DAY, and I am still sitting here in my pyjamas. I have to wait for a hungover mother to rise so that I can have a shower and cover my arms in fake tan. I have decided to take the easy option and wear tights to the party. Then I have to go to town to find a present. And I have shitloads of homework to do. Ugh.

I’m looking out the window and it is fair to say that it’s a pretty mank day. The sky is grey and the whole place just looks dull. I love winter, but not this murky, bleak scene. I like cold frosty days where you can’t go out without wearing a heavy coat and a hat and a chunky scarf. I like layering clothes so that you feel all cosy and warm. I like the sky to be clear and the sun to be shining. I don’t like when the sun can’t see down into the world. I don’t like feeling trapped by this blanket of clouds that is covering my world.
And on a Saturday evening I like coming home and actually talking a little bit to my family when my aunt is over for dinner. I don’t even mind it if my mother makes us go to mass. I actually seem to be able to do homework on a Saturday night, which is unusual. Fridays, Fridays are the nights for going out and having fun. Saturdays are for shopping in town and going for numerous cups of coffee. Sundays are get-up-early days and going for a walk on the beach with the dogs and strolling along the seafront and having some more coffee, or maybe even breakfast.
Well, for me anyway.

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Friday evening at home

Sixteen years old and sitting a laptop on a Friday night. Hey! It could be worse!

Some positive developments in the ‘Tomorrow night’s eighteenth official freak-out’ in that I think I know what I’m wearing. The picture to the left (taken from dublinstreets) is the dress I think I shall wear, with dark purple-y tights and dark purple Irregular Choice shoes. Hopefully that’ll be ok because I really don’t have anything else.
My hair is super short at the moment following a visit to the hairdresser’s last Wednesday to get my split ends chopped off. I think I’ll go with straightening the hair and maybe a bit of teasing or back-combing to get some volume going on. I am really trying my best here to be positive about this shin-dig. I hope this is coming across..
It is now half past eight and I have a number of paths that I could take. I could try and get my homework done, which really would be a good idea, seeing as I’ll be out all day and all night tomorrow. And I will have to knuckle down a bit on Sunday what with us getting a few ‘mid-terms’ next week. However, I could stay hibernating here on the couch wasting away the hours on the evil entity that is the Internet. Or I could go to bed and read the various prospectuses I have received in the post. Or I could watch television. I’m sure you care alot.

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