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Sin É!

Well it’s not really ‘Sin é’ because I do have to go back next year. But for now, it’s over..

None of this for 3 months!

‘Twas Chemistry today, which is probably the worst I’ve done so far out of all of them. I hadn’t studied because it felt so like summer on Wednesday that it was impossible to concentrate and I just said to hell with it. There was an unbelievable amount of stuff to cover anyway, and I’d never have gotten it done in a day. I don’t think I failed though, but we’ll wait and see..

I went to town after school with Aisling and we went for coffee to our favourite haunt. I was introduced to a fellow blogger, Aimee, there and she very kindly complimented my blog which made me very happy indeed! 🙂 We met up with a few others, but I got sick of doing nothing after a little while so I headed off to buy a card for a friend and went to the post office to write it. E-mails are great, but there’s nothing like a handwritten letter or card. One of my many new resolutions is to write thank you notes where they’re due.. This card was a start though!

Headed home after that, and weirdly enough I’m kind of at a loss as what to do. School’s finished but every time I go into my room there are books everywhere so there’s still that reminder.. I should seriously sort that out.

Planning on staying at home tomorrow and uploading a load of photographs I’ve been meaning to post here for ages. The Internet connection’s fairly dodge at the moment though do it’ll probably take me all day and drive me insane in the process. But if it’s for the welfare of my blog, I’ll do it!

Cafe Mexicana by Monica Jones

There’s a group of us going out for dinner tomorrow evening then. Big groups in town aren’t my thing. I’d rather go for coffee and have a catch-up with one or two friends than do that whole wandering around aimlessly thing. I’ve better things to do with my time, despite what everyone may believe. But dinner’s fine because it’s a good big-group activity.

It’s kind of an end-of-school start-of-summer thing because everyone seems to be going away next week to Irish or French college or whatever. Suits me down to the ground. The peace and quiet will be complete bliss, and I’ve plenty to be doing between Kinsale Arts Week and my week with the Irish Times the following week.

Regarding that, eeeeeeep! After the magazine competition, one or two from each of the winning schools were given the opportunity to do a week’s work experience in the Times. So this blogger’s heading off to the big shmoke of the world of Dublin journalism. Exciting stuff dontcha think? And my lovely, lovely cousins have said I can stay with them for the week.

The only downside to all this is that I had applied for the Young Curators Programme as part of Cork Midsummer Festival, but I’ll have to withdraw my application as the dates clash, but working in the Irish Times is too good an opportunity to turn down.

So that’s the story. Now that I’m on holidays I plan on posting here far more regularly than I’ve been doing recently. I’ve lots of photos to put up too that I’ve taken over the past month or so, but bear with me on that one.

And hope ye all enjoy the long weekend!

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I don’t think I’ve mentioned summer much here so far. It’s weird to think that I started this blog on the first day of 5th year, and now it’s almost all over. It seems so long ago that I wrote that first post, but the year seemed so short too.

Now though, summer is here, and it’s time to go off the rails and party all night and be the completely carefree teenager like the ones you see in American TV shows. But y’know what? I’m not going to do that. I don’t know what I’m going to do, but it’ll be what I want to do.

Kinsale this evening..

Summer is always built up to be the HUGE event and non-stop party but I think people get a tad carried away. Calm down, and things will fall into place naturally. It worked for me last year, and I had the best summer ever.

I have a few plans for the three months off alright, but I’m not going to into them now or you’ll have no reason whatsoever to read Wintertime Clothes over the summer and that wouldn’t be very good at all would it? Speaking of blogs, I’ve been asked to write a blog during the summer for an organisation I suppose you could call it, so watch this space for more details of that!

Today’s the first day that I’ve been properly excited about the summer, and it feels good! I’m looking forward to taking a break, sitting outside cafés drinking coffee, and spending time with certain people. There’s a few other bits and pieces in the pipeline too, such as Kinsale Arts Week. The first volunteer meeting was this evening, and it was so nice to see everyone again and see the new box office and have a catch up. And I got to tell everyone about last year and how it’s such good craic and I’ve been smiling since.

We’ll see how it all goes anyway. SUMMA 2k10 FTW. (That’s sarcasm btw..)

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It’s Christmas!

And so after a terribly long week, the exams end, and freedom is finally here. What a relief. After a ridiculously short French exam a lengthy sit ensued as I waited for the two hours to be up. Eventually, after what seemed like three years, seven months, two weeks, five hours and thirty-four minutes, we were allowed leave. And that was it! It was over!

I went to the office to retrieve a memory card that a teacher has had for a very long time, but alas, it was not there as promised. So this means either no photos for me over Christmas, or go out and buy a new memory card. I think I should claim for this disruption. Or send the bill for a huge memory card to the school.

So we got the bus into town at 11 and went for a coffee. It was so feckin’ nice to be in there without the dreaded thought of having to go home and study. When we sat down Caroline opened The Cork News, a local freesheet, that was there next to her. It was a sentimental moment for us as we looked at a little picture of Jim from Plugd standing outside the shop, under which there was a quote taken from the PRoC from a local gig poster printer.

Then we turned to the back of the paper and there was a two page spread on Plugd’s impending closure. There, in red lettering among all the other black print was a quote from a certain user on the PRoC. Me. Oh jeez. I went up to order my Americano and chocolate tart, as my friends pored over my amazing words. And I heard them kind of scream and laugh, and immediately I knew which of my posts they had chosen to print. It was a personal anecdote about my mornings in Plugd when Albert used to wash the floor. How bad. At least my love for the place has been published in a newspaper.

I don’t really know what we did for the rest of the day. I ended up being in town for six hours and I can’t exactly remember where those six hours went. But it was still nice. The freedom of having nothing to do. Apart from Christmas shopping, and that doesn’t matter.

Forty-five minute wait for the bus, but I’ll get over it. Eventually.

I’m a tad wrecked now though. Lovely surprise for me when I came in the door in the form of a few birthday cards, one containing 50 yoyos from my lovely grandmother. Between that, and the twenty my daddy gave me this morning, I’m well chuffed. I should save it for an Oxegen ticket, but hopefully Plugd will be seeing a fair share of it.

Bought The Dudley Corporation – In Love With The Dudley Corporation yesterday in there. And a quote from Albert’s old man said to The Corpo themselves over dinner: “What kind of corporation are ye running here at all lads?”

The Dudley Corporation – What a Human Does (Taken from In Love With The Dudley Corporation)

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