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Different types of people

This is something that I’ve always noticed. I guess this post is about stereotypes in a way, but that’s not the intention. And I know not saying what you wanted to isn’t very good writing, but this is more of a ramble from the heart, so you’ll have to make do.

Very stereotypical.. From St. Trinian's possibly?

Some people get ridiculously offended by stereotyping people, but I think it’s only natural. In a way it’s good. It gives you an identity of sorts. I know everyone is different and unique, but alot of what you do with your life has to do with what type of person you think you are. There are so many internal and external factors that shape you into who you are: Friends, family, where you live, music, what your parents do, how your parents act, TV, Internet, clothes, social scenes, and so on. When all these combine together, it makes you who you are. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

You become a person that fits in with some group somewhere, or maybe you ‘overlap’. I don’t see anything wrong with finding a group that you feel you belong in. Fair enough, labelling people isn’t great, but it has its uses. Even in business, with, say, marketing. People like like-minded people, so groups of similar beings are bound to form.

I think then, when you find a group, this group influences you even more, and you end up being a certain stereotype. This struck me today when I was talking to a friend about a certain person. Or two people perhaps. She said she ‘didn’t get’ his humour, and ‘wouldn’t like them at all now’. To me though, this person is very humorous, and I think they’re pretty cool. I like how they talk, I like what they wear, I like what the do, I like who they are. She just didn’t get that though. I always knew we wouldn’t go for the same type of person, but she didn’t seem to realise this until I spelled itout for her.

Although there is of course a good chance that this is all completely wrong and I’m just a narrow-minded teenager who wants to hang out with cool people and think I’m better than everyone else.

This is probably a very likely scenario.

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News, some good, some bad.

I guess the pretty obvious bad news that emerged today is that of the death of Gerry Ryan. We were coming home from school and my mum had to park at the end of the driveway because there were vans and stuff in the way. My cousin the builder was doing some stuff down there, and he said he’d gotten a text that Gerry Ryan had died. This was seconded my some other workman person whom I’ve never seen before. Then I came inside and saw it on twitter, then irishtimes.com. It’s a shock to say the least. I mean I didn’t listen to his show that often, what with school and everything. But there’s no denying that he was a huge part of Irish radio and media, and undoubtedly he will be missed. He’s an inspiration to me in certain ways, as he did law in college, but went on to work in media. Rest in Peace, Gerry.

On a brighter note, today we got word of the nominations for the Irish Times SchoolMag competition. We were supposed to have known by March 26th, but things got delayed, and finally we were told today that we have been nominated for three awards. An overall award, and award for design, and an award for my article on Plugd. I first posted that article here actually, and then changed it around and adapted it for the magazine. So I was particularly pleased with that one, but the design one too as I did do alot of that myself. So I was happy out today. However, I was unusually quiet at tennis, because I had read over my Plugd article again, and it made me miss the place even more.. I’m glad that I’ve gotten to voice my opinion about it though, and that someone’s taken notice and actually thought it was good. It’s true what they say though, you should write about what you know.

I got a nice message from a nice person today too. Nothing spectacular, but they were just doing a small favour for me, and talking to them brought back good memories, and made me look forward to some other stuff too. It’s weird how you don’t talk to someone for a while, but their personality is so strong it’s like you were only talking to them yesterday. Or maybe that’s just because the year has flown by. Perhaps a mixture of both.

I’m tired now, so I think I might leave the laptop. I wish we had more books in this house.

And apologies for the lack of pictures. I’m feeling lazy.

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It was almost summer..

It was a bit like this today (photo from last summer)

I woke up to blue skies and the sun shining. And we’re so cool we had actually planned rugby in the park. Although the rugby wasn’t necessarily my idea. I don’t know why we even bothered with the rugby actually. All we ended up doing with it was writing on it. Caroline’s brother now thinks we met Brian O’Driscoll, Ronan O’Gara, Doug Howlett, the Pope (Joe), and some ‘girlz’ today who all signed his rugby ball. Anyway.

We met for a coffee in town first, and my loyalty card was full so I had an amazing large cappuccino in CCR, and it tasted even better due to its free-ness. We walked to town, got to the park, stopped for me to be abused about my blog, my non-existent hipster-ness, and me as a person in general. And of course some snacking on cookies.

We went and spent the afternoon on a bench by the river having tiger loaf and cookies and tossing the rugby ball a few metres when we felt like it. We also had a stroll up to the Shaky Bridge and intimidated passers-by. And it was just like summer again, what with the sun and us actually being able to ‘hang’ in an outdoor area. I also made Aisling take pictures of me so I can do a clothes post once I get my hands on the photos so you can be waiting in anticipation for that..

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‘Tis been a while…

When I got back from London I realised I had so much work to catch up on. The week before we went I was only thinking about going away, and then reality hit on Monday when I saw all the homework I had never done. And we had three maths tests last week. If that doesn’t excuse me, I don’t know what will..

The past weekend was good, really good. After getting Business and Maths tests out of the way on Friday, I went home and straight to bed. Passion Pit were on in the Savoy that evening and we had three tickets between 7 or 8 of us and decided we’d head out anyway as it was a friend’s birthday. I felt a bit crappy so I popped two Paracetamol and went for a nap. setting my alarm for 6.15pm. Inevitably, I put it on snooze and didn’t get up until 7pm so there was a bit of a shower-change-pack rush going on between then and eight.

We got to town and saw the queues outside Savoy and just decided to give up there and then. A little bit of wandering the streets ensued, but that was to be expected, and after a bit we ended up in a pub. We met a few people in there, both young and old, friends and strangers, and quite a bit of Irish was spoken. Drink always brings out the cúpla focal in people.

It was a lovely, lovely evening, and we even a platter of free sandwiches for whatever reason. Seriously, how bad? Then I got word that the whole getting into Passion Pit scenario was pretty lenient, but one drink led to another and we never got there. We did give our tickets away though, for anyone who’s raving at the thought of wasted tickets.

We met some lovely, and some not so lovely people after we left the pub. Somehow, I got talking to this guy, a DJ he told me, and we joked about adding each other on Facebook. Then the following afternoon in town, who do I see DJing in the window of a shop in town, but himself from last night. We waved and laughed.. Small world, like.

Town was so nice yesterday. Cork is so cultural these days that the food stalls were out on Grand Parade and there was some Irish-y band playing and there was Art in the Park – all part of St. Patrick’s Festival as it’s called. No longer just Paddy’s Day, but here in Cork we extend it to a whole festival. Myself and Aisling got some savage ‘Gourmet Sausage Sandwiches’ from O’Flynn’s for lunch. Feckin’ delicious.

Now it’s Sunday and my head hurts and I have a cold. Which sorta sucks. But I don’t feel too bad. We went to Kinsale earlier for coffee and whatnot and now I’m shuddering at the prospect of having to start my homework. My room’s a wreck and I’ve to walk the dogs, but I think I might just say ‘Feck that’ and get lost on the Internet for a few hours.

It’s Sunday after all, and aren’t we all supposed to rest and not do anything or something?

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Happy Saturday

Today was lovely.

I gave maths in UCC a skip and went to town with my mum instead. It was a superb decision on my part I have to say. I went for coffee first with her and we met my aunt and her boyfriend.

Then we went shopping! She bought me a black lace dress, black tights, gold chains with black ribbon going through it, and a colourful maxi dress for the summer. Then in H&M she paid for half a leather-look jacket, and my aunt had given me a tenner, so I only had to spend a tenner myself then. So lots of new clothes which make me smile!

I met my friends and we went to Cork Coffee Roasters and deliberated over how to get into Passion Pit in the Savoy. White Lies wasn’t too successful last time.. I got two stamps on my card when I bought my coffee and scone..nice! Just before we left I had a quick chat with a guy who works there about a gig, another gig, and Plugd. It’s nice to know that good music ain’t dead yet. And I’m glad that feeling of Plugd being more than a record store but rather a little community is still alive.

We went to a gig in the Triskel. Cian Nugent and Boys of Summer were playing a gig in association with Plugd Records. The Triskel has moved to this old ESB building and it’s so cool in there. It’s like a warehouse or something and there’s art on the walls and it feels amazing in there. A lot of Plugd regulars were in attendance and I had a little chat with Albert and Jim and it was lovely and normal and happy again.

The white lettering over the door of Plugd was taken down during the week. It’s looks so horrible and bare now. You can still see the outline of the letters though, a faded effect, as if Plugd is like a ghost or something. It’s so weird not having it around anymore.

I saw lots of nice people in town though. One conversation had a reference to this blog, which was nice. I like to know the odd person actually reads it. Other people just waved; one gave a wave and a smile that made me feel happy inside, and outside too. He’s cute. Talked to another friend for a while. Hmm…

I’m slightly wrecked now though. That might have been caused by the walking around Bishopstown in the dark looking for my mum in her car to bring me home. She forgot her phone and I couldn’t find her. That was fun. Not.

But today was nice, so to end on a happy note, here’s a choon from Boys of Summer:

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Thoughts about someone

Sometimes something goes wrong, or someone annoys you, and you don’t feel too happy. Nothing major, but you just feel like you need a hug and someone to talk to.

And there’s that person you want that hug from; that person you want to pour your soul out to. You want to sit there with them, their body next to yours, and feel happy again. You want them to hold you, and then magically everything will be ok again.

All at the same time, the thought of them hurts you inside, yet still makes you smile. There’s this raw emotion that you don’t feel about anyone else. It’s like love, but less, and more. You know who they are better than you know anything else, but you don’t know who they are to you.

Then why is it that you just keep on pushing them away?

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Sometimes people just annoy you

I’m not just being mean. I’m not having a bad day. I’m not trying to find something to rant about. I’m not holding any grudges. There are just some people who I find it hard to like.

The worst thing is that don’t even know why. For some reason, I just don’t like them. Plain and simple. Which is absolutely fine if you see them once a year. That sounds suspiciously like I’m referring to family, but I’m not. I mean, if you can avoid the person, then it hardly matters if you find them grossly irritating. It’s when the person is someone you see regularly, someone who others like, someone who you have to live with, someone who may even be a friend. (If anyone reading this knows me, I am not referring to a particular person there, but just various general situations.)

It’s awful, really awful, if someone annoying comes along and ruins your day. You may not be able to complain to others, and there may not be any specific reason, and that’s the worst about it. If it’s someone who is blatantly annoying or even abusive, then it’s fine, because you have a reason. But if it’s just some person who grates on your nerves for absolutely no reason. It’s like nature just meant it to be. It’s as though you’re both the same end of a magnet, repelling each other.

I don’t know how else to put it. Is it just me being irritable? Maybe, when I think about it, there are reasons why certain people annoy me. No-one annoys me for absolutely no reason. But the aspects of a person’s personality that annoy me don’t annoy others. Is it because, as people, we like and dislike different things? Or is it because some people are far more tolerant than others?

Some situations tend to increase tensions, especially Christmas with family. There’s always some stress surrounding the whole dinner and celebrations and whatnot. And if you’re stuck with relatives for days on end, any one of them who annoys you is going to annoy you even more, for the simple reason that you just can’t escape.

It can also happen within a group of friends, where two friends don’t get along for no apparent reason. It might be quite obvious, or perhaps not noticed at all, even by the person who is the ‘irritant’ so to speak. Just the ‘victim’, the person who is annoyed beyond belief, but who can they go crying to?

That’s just life folks, and you gotta deal with it.


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