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Puppies, the park, and photos..

I took these photos a few weeks ago when I went to the park with Hannah and I brought Ozzy. The sun was shining and it was lovely to just sit there on a Sunday afternoon..

Smiling puppy!

The Lee..


Sleepy in the sun..

I wish it was this sunny all the time

Pretty flower!

My bag. In the grass. As you do.

I love this one..


I spent time looking pensive too..

So there’s some nice sunny, summery photos in the hope that the sun’ll come out for the long weekend so we can all go out and about and enjoy it. Well not the folk doing their exams next week, but everyone else! 😛

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London memories..

Took this last month as Caroline and I literally ran out of Tate Modern in London. We are so cool and cultured we went and admired some modern art while the rest of the group oohed and ahhed over a bridge that was in Harry Potter. Then again, coolness is relative. Of course we got distracted with the building and the amazing artwork, not to mention the gift shop, so we were a tad late returning. Completely worth it though, and the teachers thought we were great. Wow, we are cool.. 😛

Anyway, taken as I ran, processed a teeny bit in PS.

Tree-lined footpath

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Bitta photo action..

Sometime earlier this year I we did a photo shoot for the school magazine in the abandoned Our Lady’s mental hospital on the Lee Road in Cork. I was just rooting through old pics there, and did a few bits and pieces to this one in Photoshop and said I may as well share it with ye all..

The deserted East wing

Pretty freaky up there, and that was during the day.. Hell of alot of photos only waiting to be taken though.


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