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Puppies, the park, and photos..

I took these photos a few weeks ago when I went to the park with Hannah and I brought Ozzy. The sun was shining and it was lovely to just sit there on a Sunday afternoon..

Smiling puppy!

The Lee..


Sleepy in the sun..

I wish it was this sunny all the time

Pretty flower!

My bag. In the grass. As you do.

I love this one..


I spent time looking pensive too..

So there’s some nice sunny, summery photos in the hope that the sun’ll come out for the long weekend so we can all go out and about and enjoy it. Well not the folk doing their exams next week, but everyone else! 😛

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Bank holiday weekend: Sunday

I like Sundays. I like waking up a little hungover, and thinking about what happened over the weekend. I like going to Kinsale with my parents and the puppy. I like drinking coffee, and reading the Sunday Times, and going for a walk on the beach.

Big puppy!

Our little Ozzie is getting so big so fast! Here he is having fun covering my cashmere Topshop vest and vintage jacket in sand. But I love him so I don’t mind..

This is the jacket I was talking about in the last post. It’s from Mercury Goes Retrograde on Drawbridge Street in Cork. Search for them on Facebook” The jacket is made by an American clothing company called Pendleton. They still make clothes today, and when I found there website, I saw that today Pendleton jackets sell for between $200 and $250. So I’m very happy with my vintage purchase! It has a lovely purple lining too and I’d wear it forever if I could. Maybe I can…


After I got back from Kinsale I went down to the tennis club with my brother, Liam and Peter, but there was a tournament on so we all went home. Fun times.

Later on though, I went over to Aisling’s house because her parents were off in Dublin. So under the guise of a study session, I spent the day there drinking tea, and eating carrot cake and cheesecake. It was nice. And Aisling took some photos of me so ye could see what I was wearing. And I rather like her front door too..

Gazing into the distance..

Navy vest (barely seen) : Topshop

Other vest : Topshop

Jacket :  Mercury Goes Retrograde ❤

Jeans : Pepe Jeans

Shoes : Converse

And here’s another one, just because..

Totally natural..

I’ll do Sunday tomorrow, if I’ve time.


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Sunday, Sunday..

I’m sure that’s been a blog post title before, but the creative juices are running quite low at the moment so it’s the best I can do. And you can probably also take a wild guess as to what the subject matter of this post is going to be about. Feel free to leave now; I can’t say I blame you.

As per usual, we headed to Kinsale yesterday morning, puppy in tow. Had a cappucino and a scone in the Blue Haven while Ozzie stayed in the car. One of the waiters working there sorta fell in love with the last dog so he asked had we gotten a replacement yet. He ended up out on the footpath giving Ozzie plenty of attention. That dog’s such an ice breaker. Need to capitalise on that while I can actually..

Puppy on the sand!

Then we headed off to the beach where Ozzie got plenty more attention. He got chased by kids, then chased said kids, and basically got awws wherever he went. While some other family had dognapped our puppy, I made my brother take a photo of me for this. I’m sure I didn’t look vain or pretentious at all..

N04/4535338339/” title=”SL274683 by ForeverAddictedToYou, on Flickr”>SL274683

Home, homework out the back in the sun, Hannah called over to see the puppy, we went playing tennis with Liam, I was class, kept getting such good shots and doing my glance back thing at Liam. No-on could deny my greatness yesterday though.

And then I came and didn’t learn an Irish essay on An Chéad Dráma. Even so, I was quite pleased with how that test went today actually..

Better post tomorrow, I promise!

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Puppy puppy puppy!

So you may have noticed that I’ve gotten a new puppy, bring the grand total of canines in the house to three. My dad arrived home on Friday evening with the little floppy puppy trotting along beside him. We knew he was going to look at a dog, but thought we were going to have to wait another 4 weeks for him to be weaned. So he was quite a surprise.

He remained nameless until yesterday evening really when we decided on Ozzie. Or is it Ozzy. I’m not quite sure. He’s so small and soft and playful and sleepy. And he seems to like the camera alot; so much so that he pounces at it while I try to photograph him, making non-blurry photos quite difficult. But here’s a few for the time being..


Sleepy puppy!

Protective puppy!

Small puppy!

Playful puppy!

I love my puppy!

He is my new obsession. Expect many, many photos over the coming weeks.. 😛

Oh and he’s a black Labrador in case you didn’t know!


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