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Sunday, Sunday..

I’m sure that’s been a blog post title before, but the creative juices are running quite low at the moment so it’s the best I can do. And you can probably also take a wild guess as to what the subject matter of this post is going to be about. Feel free to leave now; I can’t say I blame you.

As per usual, we headed to Kinsale yesterday morning, puppy in tow. Had a cappucino and a scone in the Blue Haven while Ozzie stayed in the car. One of the waiters working there sorta fell in love with the last dog so he asked had we gotten a replacement yet. He ended up out on the footpath giving Ozzie plenty of attention. That dog’s such an ice breaker. Need to capitalise on that while I can actually..

Puppy on the sand!

Then we headed off to the beach where Ozzie got plenty more attention. He got chased by kids, then chased said kids, and basically got awws wherever he went. While some other family had dognapped our puppy, I made my brother take a photo of me for this. I’m sure I didn’t look vain or pretentious at all..

N04/4535338339/” title=”SL274683 by ForeverAddictedToYou, on Flickr”>SL274683

Home, homework out the back in the sun, Hannah called over to see the puppy, we went playing tennis with Liam, I was class, kept getting such good shots and doing my glance back thing at Liam. No-on could deny my greatness yesterday though.

And then I came and didn’t learn an Irish essay on An Chéad Dráma. Even so, I was quite pleased with how that test went today actually..

Better post tomorrow, I promise!

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‘Tis been a while…

When I got back from London I realised I had so much work to catch up on. The week before we went I was only thinking about going away, and then reality hit on Monday when I saw all the homework I had never done. And we had three maths tests last week. If that doesn’t excuse me, I don’t know what will..

The past weekend was good, really good. After getting Business and Maths tests out of the way on Friday, I went home and straight to bed. Passion Pit were on in the Savoy that evening and we had three tickets between 7 or 8 of us and decided we’d head out anyway as it was a friend’s birthday. I felt a bit crappy so I popped two Paracetamol and went for a nap. setting my alarm for 6.15pm. Inevitably, I put it on snooze and didn’t get up until 7pm so there was a bit of a shower-change-pack rush going on between then and eight.

We got to town and saw the queues outside Savoy and just decided to give up there and then. A little bit of wandering the streets ensued, but that was to be expected, and after a bit we ended up in a pub. We met a few people in there, both young and old, friends and strangers, and quite a bit of Irish was spoken. Drink always brings out the cúpla focal in people.

It was a lovely, lovely evening, and we even a platter of free sandwiches for whatever reason. Seriously, how bad? Then I got word that the whole getting into Passion Pit scenario was pretty lenient, but one drink led to another and we never got there. We did give our tickets away though, for anyone who’s raving at the thought of wasted tickets.

We met some lovely, and some not so lovely people after we left the pub. Somehow, I got talking to this guy, a DJ he told me, and we joked about adding each other on Facebook. Then the following afternoon in town, who do I see DJing in the window of a shop in town, but himself from last night. We waved and laughed.. Small world, like.

Town was so nice yesterday. Cork is so cultural these days that the food stalls were out on Grand Parade and there was some Irish-y band playing and there was Art in the Park – all part of St. Patrick’s Festival as it’s called. No longer just Paddy’s Day, but here in Cork we extend it to a whole festival. Myself and Aisling got some savage ‘Gourmet Sausage Sandwiches’ from O’Flynn’s for lunch. Feckin’ delicious.

Now it’s Sunday and my head hurts and I have a cold. Which sorta sucks. But I don’t feel too bad. We went to Kinsale earlier for coffee and whatnot and now I’m shuddering at the prospect of having to start my homework. My room’s a wreck and I’ve to walk the dogs, but I think I might just say ‘Feck that’ and get lost on the Internet for a few hours.

It’s Sunday after all, and aren’t we all supposed to rest and not do anything or something?

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Sunday, Sunday..

I was tired. Very, very tired this morning. But the offer of coffee in Kinsale lured me out of bed, and there we went.

I had a cappucino and a scone in Café Blue @ the Blue Haven. Their scones are so damn good..

Then we went to the beach by Dock where I took out the camera for my amusement.

The sign on the wall, in case we got lost..


A wooden wall..

Slimy, seaweed-covered rocks..

Slán leat..

Then I came home and tried to do some homework…


…but ended up taking out my purchases from Plugd, sorry, Cork Tickets, and playing the TV on the Radio album and doing this:

I heart music.

After that I played Mick Flannery’s ‘White Lies’ a few times. I love his voice. He’s playing the Pav next Friday which is now sold out, but he’s doing an All-Ages on Saturday and I shall be there with bells on. He’ll be playing the White Lady in Kinsale at the end of March. Go check him out… (wink  :P)

Then the boredom escalated so I started snapping myself.

My clothes, believe it or not..

How lovely.

And just now I had some of these amazing mini banoffee pies that my mum made.

Mmmm... 🙂

I’d say I’ll be taking over from yer man with the Good Mood Food blog any day now with photos like that 😉

And now, to leave you with a nice photo that shows my usually-well-hidden emo side..


..while I try and figure out how to diffrentiate and personally respond to Robert Frost.

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It’s Sunday

Two o’clock on a Sunday afternoon, and yet for me, the day is only beginning. Everyone was out this morning, so I had the house to myself. I lay in bed, enjoying the unusual sound of silence and listened to two and a half albums on the iPod. The mother had brought the child down to Youghal for a tennis tournament, and my dad was out at a football match. Blissful peace for the day, or so I thought.

On exiting the shower though, I heard the dreaded sound of a car engine. Peace was destroyed. The mother and child were home.

So now I’m here, doing nothing much.

That’s the thing about Sundays, they’re sort of ‘nothing’ days. Friday night you go out, Saturday’s for town and maybe out that evening. Sunday’s for nursing hangovers and doing the English essay that’s due in the next day.

When I was younger I used to hate Sundays with a passion, and to an extent I guess I still do. I think the detest I felt toward a day that made up half the weekend was instilled by my hatred of mass. Now I realise it’s actually not that bad, but when you’re a child every minute that you have to sit still feels like an hour. For some reason, I just HATED mass. I can’t describe it, I just did. So I always associated Sunday with mass, and never looked on the bright side (that I didn’t have to go to school).

Only on a Sunday...

I was never one of ‘the plain people of Ireland’ either; thought I was way better than that y’see. Dinner in the middle of the day was a concept I could just never understand, and I couldn’t see why we had to eat potatoes and meat and veg at lunchtime, instead of having sandwiches or something, like we did every other day. Another thing I dreaded was the religious Sunday evening bath time. Like every child I hated it. Weekday bathtimes were never as bad as that one on Sunday evening for some reason.

And so this disdain towards Sundays came with me as I grew into my teens. It was now ‘the day before school’ and a family day when you couldn’t really go out.  Dinner slowly came to occur later and later in the day, and today we eat at the lovely time of 6 o’clock. If we do happen to go to mass (which occurs far less frequently), it’s always on a Saturday evening, and we go to Kinsale instead on a Sunday morning for coffee and a walk on the beach.

It’s interesting to look back and see how some things have changed over the past 10 years or so. Not just in my life of a Sunday, but in Ireland in general. For me, I now have dinner in the evening, considered a more modern time I suppose? Whereas down in Tralee, my mum’s mother and the few aunts who live there still have ‘Sunday lunch’ as far as I know. I think why I hate ‘dinner in the middle of the day’ so much is because it seems to tie you down or something? Like my mother for example, she has to do the whole family-seated-around-the-dinner-table-as-a-bonding-thing, so if it was spuds and lamb at 2 o’clock round here I couldn’t be spending the day in town. Or maybe I just associate that Irish custom with my childhood Sundays and pre-Celtic tiger Ireland? I can’t say for sure.

Sundays now are far more relaxed. I love Kinsale, alot, so going down there makes me happy. Then I’ll do homework or play tennis so it ain’t half bad. Maybe even a jamming session over in Aisling’s house if we’re feeling like it. If not, I may spend the day on the laptop. It varies. There’s still the ‘Ugh tomorrow is Monday’ feeling, but not to the same extent. The way the country has evolved also changed the focus of Sunday from a religious, family-orientated day to a ‘chillaxing’ day. Shops are open on Sundays, and it’s now, more than ever before, just like any other day.

The traditional Sunday is a thing of the past, and it’s for the better methinks. I just hope a recession doesn’t revive any poverty-related traditions. We’ll just have to pray that doesn’t happen I guess..!

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Morning thoughts

Oh dear Jesus I am not looking forward to today. It is almost midday, that is HALF WAY THROUGH THE DAY, and I am still sitting here in my pyjamas. I have to wait for a hungover mother to rise so that I can have a shower and cover my arms in fake tan. I have decided to take the easy option and wear tights to the party. Then I have to go to town to find a present. And I have shitloads of homework to do. Ugh.

I’m looking out the window and it is fair to say that it’s a pretty mank day. The sky is grey and the whole place just looks dull. I love winter, but not this murky, bleak scene. I like cold frosty days where you can’t go out without wearing a heavy coat and a hat and a chunky scarf. I like layering clothes so that you feel all cosy and warm. I like the sky to be clear and the sun to be shining. I don’t like when the sun can’t see down into the world. I don’t like feeling trapped by this blanket of clouds that is covering my world.
And on a Saturday evening I like coming home and actually talking a little bit to my family when my aunt is over for dinner. I don’t even mind it if my mother makes us go to mass. I actually seem to be able to do homework on a Saturday night, which is unusual. Fridays, Fridays are the nights for going out and having fun. Saturdays are for shopping in town and going for numerous cups of coffee. Sundays are get-up-early days and going for a walk on the beach with the dogs and strolling along the seafront and having some more coffee, or maybe even breakfast.
Well, for me anyway.

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