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Coffee, dogs and burst tyres.

That's me. On the beach.

Sundays have grown on me, alot.

Yesterday morning my mum and I went to Kinsale. We had coffee and I had this amazing custard and fruit tart. Then we drove to the beach, almost running over an old lady en route. Not that it was our fault or anything, but that probably wouldn’t stand up in court if we tried to say that she walked out in front of us and the poor woman was dead. I’ll shut up about courtrooms and death now.

The beach was nice. The tide was out and the sun was shining and I took a few pictures with my phone. First time I used the camera properly and they’re not too bad.

On the way home we were stopped by some men in farmer wellingtons to allow about 30 dogs come from a field/ditch and run up a hill across th road. The there was this noise coming from the car. Mother : ‘It might be a hole coming in the exhaust. That makes alot of noise’. Me: ‘It’s probably a tyre.’

It was a tyre.

We stopped outside this garage/petrol pump/pub and a guy came out and changed the tyre for us. So thank you, person whose name I don’t know, from The Rising Sun in Ballinhassig. There’s still some nice people in the world.

Then I played tennis with Liam for the afternoon.

After that, I came home, and didn’t do my homework.

Good day. 🙂

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