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How to re-create an authentic Irish pub scene..

If this is something you want to know how to do, you’ve come to the right place. Even if it’s not, stick around because it may come in handy.
1. Find some Irish trad music (CD or tape) and play in a portable CD player.
2. Strum some basic chords on a guitar to complement the CD.
3. Get two glasses and clink them together every so often.
4. Make vague noises to give the impression of speech, banter, laughing, drunken shouting etc.
This is what I spent Saturday night doing, well a part of it anyway. We were over at a friend’s house for the night, just a ‘girls night in’ you could say, while her parents were away. But one of the girls who were over for the night isn’t trusted completely by her mother due to a little incident involving too many glasses of wine. So her mother insisted on having our host’s parents ring her to confirm our whereabouts. But of course there was no-one there to confirm. We tried to put her off by saying that our host’s parents were in the pub with friends. But the wine-lover’s mother insisted, so we ended up making pub sounds as outlined above while one of us pretended to be our host’s mother.
And it worked. So our pub sound creation can’t be that bad!

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